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August 8th 2019
Keep Up With Stuff :
I'm terrible at self promotion and nothing reminds one more than that than when someone says "Bring back Foamy!" During a Twitch stream. So if you haven't been keeping up, try the following links and spread the word! NEW FOAMY EPISODES ARE STILL BEING MADE!   Patreon, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook,


July 3rd 2019
Random Anime Update :
I got bored one day so I messed around with some 3D software and came up with some 3D anime character models for Germaine & Pauline. Nothing fancy, but for folks who haven't been keeping up on  Patreon,
Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you might have missed them. So poke around those sites and enjoy! (This would have been a good splash screen for a Fighting game, which I've been working on in my head, featuring all the characters I've created over the years. Chances are it'll never happen, but it would be pretty cool if it did.)

June 26th 2019
Puppet Foamy Playlist Live!
When animation is just too slow to address topical issues or random things I'd like to address... Puppet Foamy shall emerge! The playlist is up on YT or the New Version of this site (Click Banner On Top). I'll be working the playlist into the older version of the website soon.

Puppet Foamy will be posted randomly so there's no set release dates for episode. It's just one of those "whenever it needs to happen" things. (Also this will be content added to what I already do, so don't worry about it messing up the release of new episodes.)

June 19th 2019
Foamy Visual Novel News :
Been working on a visual novel for Neurotically Yours with Foamy & everyone. Nothing fancy, just testing out software. So far, so good. Should be fully voiced, though my concept may be more ambitious than I’ll have the time for. We’ll see what happens.

Since the sketch series already has a ton of assets I could use for the visual novel, I may work with that style. Though I could go back to the Classic series style or reboot style. Not sure yet. I’m still fiddling with software and seeing what I can and can’t do with it. Also Foamy & Germaine have always been a series of “moments” or conversations. So it may just turn out to be some plotless misadventure of sarcastic banter and ranting guided by the choices one makes.

I’ll keep ya posted. (Keep in mind this will take awhile to get going, so don’t expect anything soon.)

May 29th 2019
Stuff I'm Working On :
For folks who generally don't know what I'm working on at any given moment... here's what I've been working on:

Foamy : Current Series (Artwork, Animation, Scripts, Vocals)
Foamy : Classic Series HD Upgrades 
Foamy : Chibisodes  (Artwork, Animation, Scripts, Vocals)
Foamy : Puppet Stuff (Creating Puppets / Video Tests / Audio Tests)
Foamy : Video Game (Testing software, development, concept, outlines etc.)
Pum'Kin Guy : Twitch Streams (Wed & Sun)
Pum'Kin Guy : Cartoon (Artwork, Animation, Scripts, Vocals)
Pum'Kin Guy : Halloween Special (x 2) (Artwork, Animation, Scripts, Vocals)
Pum'Kin Guy : Halloween Special (x 2) (Artwork, Graphic Novels) 
Pum'Kin Guy & Pauline Novels (x 3) (Artwork)

Minion's Quest : Novel, Cartoons (Artwork, Animation, Scripts, Vocals)
4y-Records : A few cartoons (Artwork, Animation, Scripts, Vocals)
Analog Tale (That Novel I wrote that has 2 more books that need to be finished) -_-

Product Stuff :
      Shirts, Stickers, etc.
      Possible Foamy Blu-Ray of complete collection of classic series
      Possible Foamy Plush (New Design, not a re-release of the old one)

Music : Random background music for streams & cartoons
Artwork : For the Etsy Shop (Whenever it happens)

I tend to bounce around between all of the above based on "mood", so literally everything above is being worked on. So that's what's in the works.

May 28th 2019
Puppet Stuff :
I've been working on a Foamy puppet and did some test videos which will be posted on YOUTUBE this week. Nothing crazy, just getting a feel for things to see if it's something I want to work on... or if it works at all. The puppet took more time than I hoped it would, 'cause I made 5 of them, but eventually I settled on the first one I created. I will probably work on some more Foamy puppets in the future until I get what I feel is right, but for now, I'm more concerned with the "does it work" aspect thing. Assuming it works, it'll give me the opportunity to be a bit more topical and address current issues. That's always been the downside of animation, it's very difficult to talk about current events when those events are not current by the time you finish an episode.

May 8th 2019
Work As Usual & Possible Foamy Puppet Streams & Chibi Series News :
Not much to add to the news section aside from, yes, I'm still working on things. That's about it. I might work on a Foamy puppet for Twitch streams, but that's up in the air and I have no idea how people will react to actually having to deal with Foamy one on one. A lot of people have thin skin these days so being confronted by Foamy (even in puppet form) will probably cause psychological trauma. IF it ever happens, and you show up to a Twitch stream featuring Foamy... I would probably suggest bringing up topics or issues that take the focus off the individual viewer. Foamy finds fault with everyone and everything and wants to make it better, so if you can't handle that... you might just want to wait for the VOD. Pum'Kin Guy may be all about "good vibes" and patiently listening, but Foamy is the exact opposite. Just something to keep in mind, I literally have no control of the squirrel.

The Chibi Series! Since I've been working on the HD versions of classic Foamy, trying to get a Pum'Kin Guy series together, working on the current series, doing Twitch streams twice a week, handling orders and shipping, editing audio, doing backgrounds, recording vocals, maintaining the website, working on scripts and books, and so on, and so on, it's probably a good idea if I put the Chibi Series on hold until all the HD versions of classic Foamy are posted. I'll be doing some back end work, like character drawings and so on, but with all the work I do mentioned above, I should probably not cripple myself trying to get this all done. I have 2 and a half seasons of classic Foamy to get done so after that, I'll focus on it more. Of course I still want to do some 4y-Records episodes as well, but since most people haven't ever set foot in a record store, it may not be the best use of my time. Who knows. I just go where the creative torment tells me to.

April 17th 2019
Work & Series Updates :
Working on a Chibi episode which I will probably rework from the ground up using the current sketch style of animation.  As with the current series, adding new characters takes forever because each character is about 100-200 separate drawings that need to be scanned/cleaned/colored. Once that is out of the way, it makes future episode a lot easier to create.

With this in mind, I'm also trying to get a Pum'Kin Guy series together as well using the same workflow. Once all the classic Foamy episodes are finished and posted in HD, I want to move on to creating a secondary series for everyone. So assuming the work gets done, I'll bounce back between Pum'Kin Guy & the Chibi series, so hopefully there will be something different each week. 

So I have plenty to work on for the future, though certain projects may take a back seat to the animated series. Probably the games and written books. Though a visual novel will be easier to put together once all the drawings are done for the characters.

We'll see. I could wake up tomorrow and want to work on the multitude of novels I have sitting in my mind. Back to work!

April 10th 2019
Website Update :
I updated the main page of illwillpress to showcase the latest Foamy episode as well as other things replacing the "Choose your site" option. (That's still there, just lower on the page.) Seems most people don't want to do extra clicks to get to the content, so it'll be front and center from now on. Also the older website is still there, and will be updated in sync with the newer version. A future update will shift things a little, but nothing too drastic.  
April 6th 2019
Album Update :
2 Albums were released recently and if you're helpin' out on Patreon, you get 'em both! HOWEVER! The Pum'Kin Guy album had 2 additional tracks added to it after release. So if you got it on  Bandcamp! or
Patreon, (check Patron Only posts) both places got the update. (Nothin' fancy, just lettin' ya know.)

March 27th 2019
Work as Usual, & New Shirts :
As usual, I've been posting the usual squirrelly goodness and spicy pum'kin silliness. YouTube is still a butt, and I added 2 new shirts to both the
:: AMAZON SHIRT SHOP:: & :: DESIGN BY HUMANS SHOP:: . So now a "Begley in Your Pocket" shirt exists! (And a Chibi Pauline shirt) 
March 20th 2019
Classic Foamy HD Delays (Blame YouTube) :
Unfortunately, as I continue the HD transfers of classic Foamy, a lot of the later seasons during Germaine's "Dark Years" will have to be reviewed by YouTube, and some, I'm sure, will be removed completely. So expect gaps in the season playlists and delays due to YouTube having to review the content. Yeah, it sucks, and each episode demonetized is a financial hit for me, by quite a bit. So...
Patreon .  
March 13th 2019
Comments Re-Enabled on YouTube (for now & with a catch) :
Comments on YouTube VODs have been re-enabled for now, BUT... a plethora of filters have been put in place by YouTube. So basically any comment that is deemed “offensive” is held for review. Lame I know, but people kinda ruined it for everyone else. Everyone here is fairly civil, so we should be good. (Also, I don't have time to review all comments, so keep it classy or they just get removed automatically.) It's an odd time to live in, where bots dictate what is acceptable language.

March 11th 2019
A Good Day To Be a Patron! :
2 Albums have been released and if you're helpin' out on Patreon, you get 'em both! If not, that's ok too! They're on Bandcamp! (The Foamy album is a collection of rants from the current series & the Pum'Kin Guy album is an extended version of the original EP that includes music I created and play during the Twitch streams. A lot of that type of music is on "Chibi Music For Chibi People" as well, also available on Bandcamp.)

March 7th 2019
Sue Z. June! (More Doodles & Follow Things) :
Still working on various Sue Z. things, but for those who don't follow at all the usual places, FOLLOW! (If ya can). Generally I post more material on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & YouTube than I do here. So for those who want to keep up, keep up!
(Links above & below)

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March 5th 2019
Sue Z. June! :
Finished up the first batch of Sue Z. June doodles (for realz! this time.) Will be drawing more as needed for future episodes, so that's a thing. Still working on all things Foamy as usual, so expect the goodness to continue! Season 3 of the "Sketch Series" starts... somewhat soon.

February 24th 2019
Comments Disabled on YouTube (For Now) :
Due to the recent issues YouTube has been dealing with when it comes to comments about certain types of content, (let's just say... creepy kid stuff), YouTube has chosen to demonetize a bunch of content based on COMMENTS left by users. So even if a content creator makes something completely innocent, they would be held responsible for the COMMENTS left by creepy users, essentially, forcing content creators to police their own comment sections. Generally, for my channel, everyone has been really cool about their comments, even the bad comments had some sort of constructive criticism to them, but every so often, there would be a comment that is downright creepy. So, it comes down to this. I'm just one guy doing all this. I can't police ALL the comments. So it's just easier to disable them. It's unfortunate, but we now live in a state where one dumb comment about an episode or VOD ruins it for everyone else.

I feel really bad about doing this, and feel even more depressed that this platform has come to this. We all kinda grew up on YouTube, had a voice, made our comments and vented, but that's gone. I think we realize YouTube isn't what it use to be and we're all just gonna have to deal with it apparently. Once this issue is eventually resolved, I'll re-enable comments on VODs, but who knows when that will be.

Again, I know everyone here has been super supportive over the years, and yes, I did read a lot of the comments posted under episodes (Even the bad ones), but this is just one of those examples of “why we can't have anything nice.”

I guess if you need to post comments about new episodes, do so on Facebook or Twitter for now or we can talk directly during the Twitch streams. I'll keep an eye on YouTubes comments issues and re-enable them as soon as I can.

Thanks for understanding, and I'm sorry we live in a world where a large portion of sane/civil minded people must be muted in order to stop a small group of morons from spewing out creepy comments.

February 23rd 2019
DBH & AMAZON Shirts Shops Updated :
Added some new shirts to both the
:: AMAZON SHIRT SHOP:: & :: DESIGN BY HUMANS SHOP:: . Also made available again some long out of print shirts folks were unable to find. (:: DBH :: also has stickers & mugs on almost ALL the graphics available as well.)


February 18th 2019
The Hatta & Sue Z. June! :
Spent some time coloring in various doodles of both The Hatta' & Sue Z. June. Sue Z. & Hatta wont be paired together like Germaine & Foamy, at least as far as backstory goes, but they may have a few episodes together. Though with the sensitivity levels set on "explode" I'm pretty sure ANY episode with him in it is gonna cause problems on YouTube, regardless of context.

As for YouTube, another small batch of Foamy episodes have been "limited" in receiving ad revenue. So, those episodes will earn like, 15 cents a month if I'm lucky. Again, this is just the way things are on the platform now. (They were older episodes that didn't generate a ton of income anyway, but now it's just less.) 

Twitch: I'm thinking of pushing back the time slot on Wed to later in the day. Sunday is fairly packed with people making chat difficult to keep up with, but Wed are generally slow. Which is kinda good... 'cause I can keep up with chat. Nothing set in stone, just tossing it out there.

I'll start working on adding other characters such as Begley, the Pizza Guy, & The Barista somewhat soon, but I'm generally trying to keep the series "light", and much like real life, the more people you add to it, the more problems you have. Besides Foamy's rants are heavy enough to poke at viewers brains without adding Germaine drama to the mix. Who knows. Brain work not so well sometimes. :P

February 10th 2019
The Hatta! :
Yep, been workin' on doodles of the Hatta'! Should be showing up in a month or so, but who knows. It all depends on how my brain wants to work. Just know he's being worked on.
February 8th 2019
Over the last few days I decided to overhaul this site... and make a new one! Since the original
iLL WiLL PrEss site is creeping up on 20 years old, a lot of code has depreciated, and errors in code became abundant. So I went ahead and cleaned up some of that old code, got rid of some errors (I'm sure I missed some) and took a long look at the site design itself. Generally, I browse the web on my PC and designed the site back in the day when MOST people DIDN'T have a phone or tablet in their pocket. Seriously. So with those years a distant memory, I redesigned a phone & tablet friendly version of the site. (My previous mobile version of iLL WiLL PrEss was literally designed for people with PDAs. Yes, Foamy has been around THAT long. So now, when you go to  iLL WiLL PrEss, you will be given a choice between the desktop version & mobile version.

The new version of the website is extremely stripped down. It focuses on the cartoons, what's new & the shop. So I didn't add a character page, links, wallpaper or comic strip links to it. The shop however will be VERY similar to what you're use to on the original site. With PayPal checkout code being what it is, I didn't want to deviate too much from what's actually working.
THE OLD SITE WILL REMAIN !!! : I'm not getting rid of the old website. It is what it is, and I know A LOT of people like it the way it is, and don't want things changed. Besides, it'll be cool for new viewers to look into the past at historic web design. Yeah, it's old. But it still works. Like a crappy car that looks like trash but never let ya down. YOUTUBE NEWS (Keep This In Mind) : Even though YOUTUBE seemed to have leveled off as far as monetization goes, recently a small number of episodes were demonetized for whatever reason and are now under review. Here's the thing. As people have become more sensitive to EVERYTHING, they are viewing certain episodes during the review process as "offensive". They were fine for a decade, but for some reason, in just 10 years people have gone from, "I hear ya!" to "Are you SURE you should be saying that? It's kinda offensive." The easy reaction is to say "go blow yourself", but as reviewers themselves become more ruled by their own emotions, rather than logic, that emotional reaction will eventually demonetize or remove a large body of work people have grown to love over the last 17 years. The content deemed "not ad friendly" is generally placed in a "limited state of ad revenue", meaning I only get a fraction of what I normally would. (Basically, If an episode made me 100 dollars, a limited state would bring in about 20 cents.) That's quite the pay cut.

Viewers have been extremely supportive on
PATREON and TWITCH and that allows me to continue to create the content that people enjoy. However, keep in mind, as this flood of over-sensitivity rushes throughout society, a LOT of content we all loved will be put under scrutiny and through monetary bullying, push creators to alter their voice for fear of losing income. There is always another outlet to post content to, but unfortunately no one pays on them. Vimeo, Newgrounds, etc are forums for free expression, but lack the ad revenue YOUTUBE offers. Also, for myself, and other content creators, we seem to be forced to post on YouTube... because if we don't, someone will just take our work and repost it there anyway. (It's happened to me over the years and I've estimated a loss in revenue exceeding 150k easy. And I stopped keeping track years ago.) Their content ID matching system helps, but it doesn't really matter if an episode makes no money.

Part of me feels this is very much a slow decline in society. Content has become WAY too safe (unless you're a huge company), Web Comics have become benign attempts at humor and not a lot makes one think about anything anymore. Everyone seems to just react to content without thinking about it, and if it MAKES them think... that's bad apparently. It's offensive. Music as well has become fairly passive as a form of creativity, and the handful of decent bands out there make little money as the product and concept of music has been devalued to the form of litter on the streets. People would rather buy a 5 dollar coffee than pay 1 dollar for a song that made them feel something, or connected with their soul in some way. And yeah, hey... I'm an "artsy" guy. I feel, process, connect with the media and art that moves me, and I value it greatly. Kinda wish a lot more people felt that way.

Also, this post isn't here to make you feel sad, or upset. If anything I'm fairly optimistic about what I do. With so little substance in the world, I feel the work I do is more important than it ever use to be. I want people to think. I want people to react, and reflect on what they watched, and hopefully it'll push them to be conscious of their own behaviors and perhaps motivate them to be a better person. And even if they think the work I create is a bunch of nonsense, fine. I'm ok with that. Just allow it to exist. Using one's emotions to dictate what should and shouldn't be said, seen or heard, is a slippery slope to mass censorship. Trust me, I can't stand a LOT of what's out there... but never once, have I expected it to be removed or banned. And that goes for stuff from our creative history as well. Cartoons, films, music, books, etc. shouldn't be altered to adhere to another generations idea of what is acceptable. It is a time capsule of a time that reflects opinions and moods of society, and should be used as an example of what things WERE like, in contrast to how things are now. If you remove or alter those examples, you remove valuable lessons from society which will inevitable cause us to just make the same mistakes over and over again.

Anyway! The rant is over, the new site is up... and if ya can. Support your favorite content creators!!! We'll all need it in the next few years. Trust me.
February 6th 2019
Minor Web Updates :
I'm not a big fan of change, I like to tweak things. So I decided to make some minor adjustments to this website. Not a lot will change, but here's what will:

1: I've put embedded YouTube VODs on the front page instead of images that you'd have to click on, which would open up another window. So that's gone on the front page. It will remain for a little bit on the "Cartoons" page for the last few episodes, but the embedded playlists give one access to everything else.

2: Coding: Since this site is creeping up on 20 years old, some coding will depreciate. Meaning... it broken, and certain browsers won't read it properly. I've been going through the pages and fixing these issues and some random code errors here and there. A larger font will be implemented for most of the site and things should load a little smoother.

All in all, the website is what it is, and I generally don't like overhauling something folks have come to know and love over the course of 2 decades. I may implement a phone-friendly version at some point, but as it is now, the site is fairly easy to navigate without too much hassle.
January 28th 2019
Postage Rate Increase (Not MY fault) :
Apparently the USPS decided to raise their postage rate quite a bit, especially for first class items. Unfortunately that means I had to do the same. It's been years, literally, since I raised postage costs on orders here and
:: ETSY :: , but it seems there's no way around it. Generally I'd end up paying a bit of postage out of pocket to cover the shipping costs but I'm not really able to do that anymore with the new rates. Apologies to folks, especially overseas, it's just how the Post Office us doing things. On the plus side, if you need a shirt and don't want to pay shipping, I have stuff on the :: AMAZON SHIRT SHOP::
Shirts for ALL!Digital Comics on Gumroad!!!Not Prints, actual artwork!Stickers, Mugs & ShirtsFoamy Books & More by JiMFoamy Music!Foamy Music!JiM made angsty music...
January 23rd 2019
Random update on all things.

YOUTUBE seems to be leveling off for now as far as monetization goes, but a head's up for those waiting on older HD versions of classic Foamy... A LOT of later episodes from season 7-8 will NOT be able to be monetized on YouTube (Or even posted at all in it's current "Speak no Evil" climate.) So I'll be looking for other outlets to showcase that content.

2: Blu-Ray Collection: Working on the logistics of getting together a BluRay collection of all the Classic Series & Reboot Series. They may be split into volumes or a box set, depends on cost of course, but I'm looking into it. (Worst case, digital download will be made available.)

3: Sue Z. June : The roller derby girl who was Foamy's short-lived room mate will probably end up making a return in the current series. When? No Idea. How? No idea? Why? I don't Know!!! But I've been working on doodles. The thing is, I'm trying to keep the "Sketch" series as bare bones as possible in order to avoid making the same mistakes I did with classic series (i.e. bogging it down with Germaine soul-searching stuff.) It had it's place then, and those who "got it", understood what I was going for, but generally it kinda just made the series "too serious" for the average viewer. So if other characters make a return, it will be for a humorous reason, not some multi-episode, introspective character development with social commentary kinda thing. I did that, and I'm kinda done with it for the most part. I think at this point I can just make my observations about humanity during rants or using other characters to play off of without making it too heavy handed. So that's my goal for the current series. Bagels, Cream Cheese & Haunted Toasters.

4: Pum'Kin Guy & Pauline : Both characters have been a thing on :: TWITCH :: and I've enjoyed the ease of creating content with viewers twice a week. The downside is, I have enough ideas to flesh out the characters into a full series, but not the time. So I'll be trying to somehow manipulate the space-time continuum to free up some more minutes in the day. At the very least I'll try to get some books written and some animated specials done. Currently around 30 pages into a novel, have 2 other animated specials written and rough outlines for other books and specials. I'm not sure if I'm glad or annoyed that I still have ideas after 17 years, but it's frustrating not being able to keep up with them.

5: Music & Pauline : Working on getting Pauline an instrument to play during stream. (Wha?) Yeah, since she's a silent character (and there's a reason for that) I thought it would be good to give her some sort of musical outlet. It's something I want to add to the stream every so often, but it'll take time to implement.

6: Foamy Rant Albums! Yes, for those who want audios of all the current Foamy rants, I'm working on an album for everyone. Should be on BANDCAMP when I get a chance, but obviously this is going to take some time... I haven't even mentioned the game development!

7: Game Development : Workin' on it. Have some rough outlines for visual novels and I'll slowly be mapping out dialogue and such. It'll take time, but it's in my brain.

8: An Analog Tail : Yes, that book I wrote awhile back called
POWER DOWN : AN ANALOG TALE does have a second book in the works. 70 Pages in so far. Again, slow roll on that front. The first book didn't sell a lot, but then again I just put it out there and posted once "Hey, I wrote a book". Clearly I don't do this for the money. lol.

9: I will try to leave the house in February.

January 1st 2019
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Yep, It's 2019! The year is new and all spiffy lookin'. Hopes are high and the prospect of new possibilities linger in the mind. For me, I tend to just keep moving forward doing what I do, and this year wont be much different. Foamy will do his bi-weekly appearances, older episodes will continue to make their transition to HD and I'll try to focus a bit more on getting my Twitch channel to where it needs to be. Also, for me 2019 will have to be a year of self-promotion. Even though fans have been spreading the word of Foamy since 2001, the internet as it is now, makes it somewhat impossible to gain new viewers. Every content creator is competing with everyone on the planet who has a phone. So a well thought out rant, meant to wake people up, will get overlooked by millions 'cause they were distracted by a cat falling off a chair. It's really is rough trying to create anything meaningful these days. However, I tend to be fairly stubborn when it comes to giving up. Fans have been exceeding supportive with viewership, monetary support, and spreading their love for all things squirrelly. (And Pum'Kin-like to a lesser extent). So for those who have been spreading the word of Foamy, THANK YOU! I wouldn't be creepin' up on 20 years of ranting squirrels without your support. And as usual.... back to work!