Finally after years of waiting, a Foamy plush has been created. Now you too, can carry around your very own Foamy and annoy your friends. These are going to be very limited, less than 2,000 were made. So get 'em while you can.

Each Foamy is handmade and is around 7 inches tall. Since each one is handmade, there will be variations to expressions and features, so no two will be alike. Some will look angrier than others. Some will be softer than others due to variations in fabrics used. The above pictures give you a sampling of what a bunch of them look like. Each one also has a nifty Foamy The Squirrel hang-tag.

This item contains pieces and bits that may detach or break if not handled properly These items are intended for collectors and may not be suitable for young children and stupid people. DO NOT EAT! (I don't care how hungry you are)
Recommended for ages “smart” & up.