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December 1st 2021
NEWS! Elsewhere! & New Music in January :
Since I tend to post news on  FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, & Patreon, I'll probably slow up posts here as they're fairly redundant. So there ya go. Important stuff will be posted here, but most people just follow on the other platforms. So keep up on the platform of your choice. ALSO! A new album SHOULD be released on 
:: SPOTIFY ::  BANDCAMP, GUMROAD, ITCH.IO on January 13th 2022. (Hopefully)

October 13th 2021
New Music! & The Socials!
During the 20 year of Foamy retrospective I WAS going to put together, I dug up a bunch of old doodles & characters from the early days of Foamy! One of those characters was "Lucretia Darkmoore", who was going to be in the original Neurotically Yours series around season 4, but never quite made it in there. So, for the comic book I'm working on, I brought her back to be sort of, Germaine's "Goth Obi-Wan", as Germaine has sort of gone off the rails in recent years. So she may not make it into the animated series, but she's going to be in the comics. With all that being said. that rediscover of the character somehow inspired a whole album of dark electronic music. Which sets the tone for the character fairly well. She's dark. Focused and doesn't take crap from anyone. She swims in the dark waters of her own emotions but doesn't drown in them like Germaine seems to. So, there ya go. The album is on 
:: SPOTIFY :: & the usual streaming services, it's also in BANDCAMP, GUMROAD, ITCH.IO and is available to download for Patrons on Patreon, so enjoy & thanks for supporting!

Let's Get Dark!

On a side note, I will be taking a break from social media. I'll post work as usual, but apparently I've been grinding my teeth to dust due to stress, so I'm cutting out some of those stressful sources where I can. So if I miss an "At" or mention, tweet or post, I apologize. I kinda need my teeth though. Not sure about everyone else, but the last 2 years have been a hellish time watching society divide themselves, and as angsty as my content is at times, I kinda just want people to get along, be well, and help each other out. Delving into the feeds of society just gives me a hopeless view of the world, and no one needs that right now. So if you're feeling the same way. Take a break. Mental health and all that. :)

September 10th 2021
20 Years of FOAMY!!!! :

Yep, it's been 20 years of Foamy! On this day, September 10th, 2001. The very first Neurotically Yours comic was published! Cartoons soon followed, 20 years passed and there ya go. I generally don't do a bunch of celebrating due to the following day being Sept 11th, but I don't want to overlook everyone who has supported over the years. Some for the full 20! So honestly, this milestone is more about Foamy fans, not about me or Dawn. If there weren't folks supporting this, it would be a lot harder for Dawn & I to keep things going. (Probably impossible.) So thank you everyone for the support. Be it merch, donations, goodies, or simply spreading the world, sharing episodes or comic strips. Every bit has helped. And generally... the best way for me to thank people... is to... GET BACK TO WORK!!!! C'mon! Can't start slackin' now!
Thank YOU!

June 10th 2021
NEWS! Elsewhere! :
Since I tend to post news on  FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, & Patreon, I'll probably slow up posts here as they're fairly redundant. So there ya go. Important stuff will be posted here, but most people just follow on the other platforms. So keep up on the platform of your choice. ALSO! New shirt posted on
Amazon & DesignByHumans, So keep up with that as well.
April 21st 2021
MORE NEW "Music"! & Random News :
"Pilz-E" made some more music!  It's on 
:: SPOTIFY :: & the usual streaming services, it's also in BANDCAMP, and will be given out to Patrons on Patreon. Enjoy!

In other news, I'm still working on both the "Island" series of Foamy & the current "Sketch" series, alternating between the two. The island series is a slow roll so far as I'm still setting up some backstory. Yeah, I could just post a short story of what's happening and why, but I like folks to discover things as the series progresses. (Assuming they stick around that long). Generally a lot of Germaine's character development and issues just got lost along the way during her "Dark Years" back in the day. So I'm probably not gonna make that same mistake, as Sue Z. June is just more stable than Germaine was. New characters will start popping up, like "Bean" in the newly posted episode "Coffee Flavors", and some older characters will show up at some point as well. Hopefully creating an odd little island of misfits with a hint of "what the hell is happening here" - type atmosphere.

      Foamy for the island series oddly seems to be delving into that Zen of Anger state that's been mentioned for years. He's fairly fed up with humanity and has no interest in saving it, let alone wasting his time spreading his squirrelly logic to those who don't listen. So we'll see how that goes. The current episode I'm working on, he just orders a bunch of pizza... so yeah.

      Foamy has been neck deep in internet BS for 20 years. He's pretty much seen the cycle repeat weekly and is opting out of the human idiocy, the click bait, the misinformation and everything that comes with the internet of things. Honestly, it's just a lot of unfocused angry people ruining each other's lives and creating drama where there doesn't need to be. So the "Island Series" is an attempt by Foamy to just get away from all that crap, and hopefully help folks see the benefits of stepping away  from the whirlwind of toxicity the internet offers.

      "But What about the rants!?" - There's still the current series of Foamy that addresses a lot of human idiocy. So don't worry too much. Stop stressin'. Listen to some music & ignore the world for a bit.  

I Pressed Buttons & Made Music Album
March 11th 2021
NEW "Music"! :
"Pilz-E" got bored and made an odd album of looped based music to chill to? I guess. It's on 
:: SPOTIFY :: & the usual streaming services, it's also in BANDCAMP, and will be given out to Patrons on Patreon, so enjoy? (Again, don't expect a lot. Just some creative down-time that still creative. Also an actual Foamy Rant collection will be up on Spotify hopefully late March-early April. AND! "Chibi Music for Chibi People", the album that had all that music from the chibi series is also on :: SPOTIFY ::) Podcast on  :: SPOTIFY :: for those who don't know about it.

I Pressed Buttons & Made Music Album

February 23rd 2021
2020 was a crap year, but I used that "stay the hell inside" time to create another Foamy series for some reason. Why!? 'Cause frankly. Foamy has zero faith in humanity at this point. For all the rants he's done over the years, pointing out hypocrisy, idiocy and all around lack of common sense, people just kept getting dumber. Like.... scary stupid. While the early episodes were goofy, and Foamy was more of a toxic Eric Cartman (South Park) type, Foamy eventually moved passed his cartoony angst and ventured into a more George Carlin arena of angry logical observations about humanity. With no one really listening to Foamy and people just getting increasingly more irrational and emotionally unstable, Foamy's next logical step, is to just give up on people and keep the hell away from them. Or at the very least, find ones that don't tick him off. So that's part of the angle here with the new series. Foamy is tired of trying to help people with logical observations when no one listens, so he's moved on and tracked down Sue Z. June, who opted out of society a long time ago for the same reasons.

I'm not sure how many episodes I'll create, but the series will be more lighthearted in a way. I have a bunch of new characters I want to add, stories I want to work on, and all that. Hopefully consolidating everything I've worked on into one series. So with any luck, 4y-Records will be a part of the series, Dia & Tofu, Pum'Kin Guy & maybe even Minion's Quest. But who knows. I could do 3 episodes, could do 100. It's hard to say, but it'll be fun to see what happens. Thanks for hangin' in there while I fiddle with things. And yes, I'm still working on the current series. And the podcast. And the Twitch streams. And trying to post all the older material in HD on Newgrounds ('Cause it's not "allowed" on YouTube). Oh, and I have to make some merch too. Some new shirts, Mugs & Stickers  were added to
Amazon & DesignByHumans, so take a look if you like.
January 1st 2021
Screw 2020, it's dead! Get your crap together society! I want 2021 ending with people doing what they used to before 2020 was a thing. Masks! Wash Hands! Stay Inside! Easy things you can do to get us all back to where we need to be. Be well, Stay safe and let's make this year better than the last!
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