March 30th 2015  
  BIG BOOK of Doodles : Digital Editions!!!
I spent a bunch of time putting together the digital editions of the Neurotically Yours Big Book of Doodles Volumes 1 thru 5. Five you say? Yep, two NEW books have been released, each containing over 100 sketches, random comic strips, and a preview of a comic strip series called "Life is Loud" (In volume 5). Also released the Little iLLs collection filled with pictures and comics from the J.i.M.'s plushy, crafty creations! Available on :: GUMROAD ::

  March 29th 2015  
  Pilz-E Art On Ebay!!!
A New Pilz-E sketch will be posted tonight, around 6PM PST on EBAY! .:: EBAY AUCTIONS ::
  March 27th 2015  
For those into the more "adult" aspect of Neurotically Yours, an artist by the name of "Bololo" has been churning out "Erotic Germaine Fan Art" since 2009 apparently. Anyone creating Fan Art for over 5 years, regardless of content deserves some sort of acknowledgement. So there ya go. Where can I see this stuff!? Do a web search, you'll find it. Keep in mind, it's ADULT stuff. So if you don't want your mind warped, skip it.

  March 22nd 2015  
  Twitch Doodle Recap Video Posted & Foamy Art On Ebay!!!
Posted a recap video of the LIVE Twitch doodle broadcast I did last week, and a New Foamy sketch will be posted tonight, around 6PM PST on EBAY! .:: EBAY AUCTIONS ::
  March 17th 2015  
Today, The Neurotically Yours Chibi Album : Chibi Music For Chibi People, has been released on :: BANDCAMP :: It contains 42 tracks, including music from past, present and future episodes! (Should be available on iTunes and Amazon in a few weeks. Takes longer for some reason. Though :: BANDCAMP :: has uncompressed loseless tracks, so I'd get it from them.)

  March 16th 2015  
  Twitch Thanks !!!
Thanks to all for their input on the :: TWITCH STREAM :: I did yesterday. Seriously, it helped. I'm working on getting a new mic and will try to adjust some lighting to get better image quality on the sketches. It may take awhile to tweak it just right, but I'll work on it. Also music in the future may be an issue as Twitch mutes their VODS due to copyright issues. So I may or may not have background music in future streams. It really depends on my mood. If you missed it, there's a muted VOD on :: TWITCH :: I'll try to make a quick highlight-doodle reel from it or something and add my own music. We'll see.
  March 15th 2015  
  NEW Foamy Episode Posted & Germaine Art On Ebay!!!
Posted the new episode DINER TALK today, and a New Germaine sketch will be posted tonight, around 6PM PST on EBAY! .:: EBAY AUCTIONS ::
  March 11th 2015  
  Server Ups and Downs:
The Foamy server has been having some issues. There's been a few updates to it's framwork that has been a bit buggy causing server reboots n' such. People are working on it, and things seem to be somewhat reliable right now, but if you can't connect to the site and want to watch Foamy, go to :: YOUTUBE ::
  March 8th 2015  
  Germaine & Begley Sketch On Ebay!!!
A New Germaine & Begley sketch will be posted tonight, around 6PM PST on EBAY! .:: EBAY AUCTIONS ::
  March 1st 2015  
  New Episode and Thanks to all!!!
First, a huge thank you to everyone who ordered a T-shirt from the TeeSpring campaign. If it wasn't for you folks, none of them would have been made. For those who wanted the other designs to be produced, I'll probably re-post later down the line with lower goal numbers. Right now I'm just buzzed about getting one made.

-Notes on the New Episode. The New Foamy episode "MAIL FRIEND" introduces 1 of 2 new characters that Foamy will be living with during his time apart from Germaine. So if you don't like them, they probably wont be around forever. (Look what happened to the last new characters I introduced, Roswell and Jack Partfine. Haven't done an episode about them in a year.) Anyway, in the meantime, Foamy will be playing off 2 new characters in order to give Germaine some space to "grow" with only Pilz-E and Begley to "guide" her. So that should be fun for a little while. What's the point? I think after 13 years of Foamy shouting at Germaine, she's due a break. Besides, her character is going to morph a bit again. Not as drastic as the old series where she gets all self-loathing about her actions, she's going to eventually adopt an "I don't care attitude", but in a healthy way... if that makes any sense. You'll see. Like all things Foamy, ya gotta give it time to work itself out. Life life... but not really.
  March 1st 2015  
  Foamy Sketch On Ebay!!!
Foamy sketch will be posted tonight, around 6PM PST on EBAY! .:: EBAY AUCTIONS ::
  February 20th 2015  
  Squirrelly Wrath & The World is Dumb Enough Shirts Back in STOCK!!!
Yeah!.....what he said... :: SHOP ::
  February 22nd 2015  
  Foamy Sketch On Ebay!!!
Foamy sketch will be posted tonight, around 6PM PST on EBAY! .:: EBAY AUCTIONS ::
  February 20th 2015  
  Take a Poll!!!
What would you like to see in Neurotically Yours... take a poll! (Just seeing what people want in the series. It wont dictate what will happen with the series, but if people want more Pilz-E or something, I can work it in.)... Oh yeah, ignore the Begley typo.... fat fingers make bad
  February 17th 2015  
  SHIRTS for ALL!!!
Because I can't keep EVERY shirt in stock ALL the time, I hooked up the Foamy :: ZAZZLE SHOP :: with all the designs that are currently in the regular shop. (For the most part). So now, if there is a size or style of shirt you want that for some reason I don't have in stock... and you simply CAN'T wait for it to be re-stocked, you can now go to the :: ZAZZLE SHOP :: and pick your favorite graphic and customize it in any color, size or style you want! (Also added some old, out of print graphics from the classic series as well)
  February 15th 2015  
  Foamy TeeSpring Campaign!!!
Foamy is now on :: TEESPRING :: What's TeeSpring? Basically it's a crowd-sourced T-Shirt project site. Like Kickstarter, if a certain pre-order goal is met, the T-shirts will be produced. If not, nothing happens. No one is charged anything and I don't have to store 150 shirts. (Frankly at 15 each, they're cheaper than what I can sell them for.) I created 3 shirts. Two "Warning" shirts that I never got to produce and brought back the original "Feel the Wrath of My Nuts" design with the new Foamy! I don't expect all the shirts to be produced, but this is a great way to see who wants what without having Foamy shirts take over my house!
  February 4th 2015  
  Kickstarter Stuff !
Some backers who replied to their survey a month... or six after the project was funded kinda got lost in the shuffle of all that is Foamy. Meaning after 2 months of a project being over, I tend to forget about it because it's, y'know... over. With that being said, the few who didn't get their rewards will still be getting them, because they're on the way! Sorry for the lateness in all this, but I couldn't send out stuff to folks who never gave me an address. Oh well. Apologies again and thanks for being patient.
  January 29th 2015  
  Blizzard & Shipping News : UPDATE!!!
All pending orders have been processed and shipped. So if you're waiting on Foamy stuff, it's on the way! Thanks for being patient..
  January 28th 2015  
  Google Chrome Display Issues : UPDATED!!
Thanks to a Mr. Fry, illwillpress should display fine in google chrome browsers now. Apparently the scrolling text on the bottom of the main page threw everything out of wack for chrome users. Why? I have no idea. Nothing has changed on my end in like, 4 years. Blame google.
  January 26th 2015  
  Blizzard & Shipping News!!!
The East Coast is expecting a blizzard with around 2 feet of snow. With that in mind, orders may be delayed a day or two due to hazardous conditions and power outages.
  January 1st 2015  
  Happy New Year! (And Stuff) :
Happy New Year! What will 2015 bring for Foamy? Some stuff will happen and I'll be changing things up for a little while... you'll see. Also the HD project continues with the original season 3 starting it's HD overhaul this month! (Also maybe a Blu-Ray in the works for the original series.)
  December 30th 2014  
  ADuLt STuFF :
For those into the more "adult" aspect of Neurotically Yours, apparently there's been a slew of "Erotic Germaine Fan Art" flooding certain sites. Back in the day it would kinda irk me, but the internet is what it is, so it's out there for those who are into that sort of thing. Besides, even pervy fans of the show deserve some sort of acknowledgement for the time they put into their artwork. After 13 years of Foamy, it's pretty cool that people are still creating their own Foamy & Germaine art. Even if it's NSFW. What sites!? Where can I see this stuff!? I'm not linking those type of sites here. I'm sure a few web searches will get you your results. Keep in mind, it's ADULT stuff. So if that's not your thing, skip it.

  October 4th 2014  
  Foamy Named "Fan of the Week" by Cinema Insomnia!!!
Foamy has been named Cinema Insomnia's "Fan of The Week". What does that mean? Read! It's a fun filled article filled with b-movies, horror hosts and an enlightening pro-horror host rant by FOAMY! :: CINEMA INSOMNIA ::

  October 3rd 2014  
  "STRAIGHT JACKET" Pilz-E shirt now available!!!
New Pilz-E shirt has been made available to all those who are slightly insane. Even if you're not...:: SHOP ::
  October 1st 2014  
  "DEMON GERMAINE" Foamy Card Cult Card!!!
For those keeping up with the Foamy Card Cult Cards that are given away with orders, October brings card number 13! Demon Germaine! I'm jumping ahead a bit with it's release, but it's Halloween damn it, and I wanted to give out something spooky to all who help support Foamy via the :: SHOP ::
  September 10th 2014  
September 10th marks the 13th year of Foamy! Starting way back in 2001 with comic books and moving to animation in 2002. 13 years is like.... 600 in internet time. So it's a testament to the Foamy community. I wouldn't be able to continue the series without everyones support. So a heartfelt thank you for allowing me to do what I do. As always, I'll keep making cartoons as long as people keep watching them... and probably still when they don't.

  September 4th 2014  
  Kill Yourself Foamy shirt back in stock!!!
What the title says... here: .:: SHOP ::
  September 2nd 2014  
  Foamy on TWITCH?
With the possibilities of faster internet looming in my area, I MAY have the ability to do a decent stream on Twitch. So if all goes according to plan, Fans of Foamy can hang with the creator while he tries to catch up on video games. If this happens, it would probably be once a week for a few hours. I still have to work on cartoons, but at least it would give me a chance to talk with viewers of the show. You can be notified when this happens by following the stream here: :: JiMathers on ::
  August 21st 2014  
I posted ALL the main Foamy albums on Bandcamp for those who don't have 'em. :: FOAMY BANDCAMP ::
Also dug up a bunch of solo music from my angsty acoustic years as well! .:: JONATHAN IAN BANDCAMP ::
  July 28th 2014  
A new Digital Comic Shop has been opened via I have released ALL the Neurotically Yours comics (including the rare 7,8,9) as well as the Foamy Cult Handbook, a new Comic Strip collection and a bunch of other stuff! Have a look! .:: ILLWILLPRESS COMIC SHOP ::
  July 16th 2014  
  ALL Season 3 Pre-Orders Have Been Shipped!!!
You heard me!!! (If you didn't order the new DVD, You go Here:) .:: SHOP ::
  July 15th 2014  
Thanks to all those who backed it, the Season 3 DVD is now available for all! (All Pre-Orders are on the way!)! .:: SHOP ::
  July 9th 2014  
Unfortunately for all, the original Foamy Plush is officially sold out. So yeah. There are no more. I didn't horde any to put on ebay either, so all I have left are some defects. Chances are I wont produce another batch, but will probably work on a Chibi Version for next year. Pilz-E is still available but there's only like, 200 or so left.
  July 5th 2014  
The NEW Foamy DVD is now available for Pre-Order! FOR ONLY 5.00! WHY? BECAUSE KICKSTARTER! That's why. Thank a fellow Foamy Fan for the cheaper price! The pre-order price will go up though after it's release date. Maybe to around 7.00 or so. So save money and order now! .:: SHOP ::
  July 3rd 2014  
I sent out the majority of the original artwork rewards along with some of the signed SE1 & SE2 DVDs, expect them soon. Unless you're over seas... then ya gotta wait longer. Dems d' rules of the mail! For those of you who backed the new Foamy DVD on Kickstarter, please be sure to check your inbox! There's an address request form that needs to be filled out. I can't send you stuff, If I don't have an address. The NEW Foamy DVD should be in hand in a few days!

  June 22nd 2014  
  NEW EPISODE POSTED & no auctions this week!!
Posted the new episode COFFEEHOUSE GAB! Also there will be no sketch auctions this week because all the sketches I had went to Kickstarter. Probably next week. I've been bogged down moving all my programs, art and so on, to a new computer. Pain in the butt this is. Still have settings that need to be adjusted, so for me, it takes like a week to get all my art programs, audio & video editing software back up and running the way it was. So yeah.... good times. The new DVD is being pressed and should be available in 2 to 3 weeks.
  June 11th 2014  
The Foamy community stepped up insanely quickly to fund the new Foamy DVD... so much so we're waaaayyyy over our funding goal. What happens now? I already sent out the DVD master to be pressed, and I'm starting to pack up rewards in order to get them out ASAP! What of the over-funding? That's going to go to a number of things, 1: Cheaper DVDs for all! They will be sold for just $5.00 at launch! 2: Foamy & Germaine Chibi Plush Prototypes! I'll get those together in the next few months! 3: Foamy & Germaine Plush Manufacturing. I've put aside some money from the last Kickstarter, and will do the same for this one, putting the over-funding towards Foamy & Germaine Plush manufacturing will reduce the goal cost for the plush Kickstarter I have planned for 2015. (Plush cost a bunch to make so I have no idea what the cost will be until I get a finalized finished prototype. The old plush were around 8k each for the quantity I had made) 4: Maybe 500 will go towards a new computer. My current one blew up (power supply fried motherboard) and now I'm back to using my old laptop. It's kind of essential I get something new as it takes forever to encode a video, like an hour, when on the newer one it was 15 minutes. Yes, it's that old. So there ya go. Know that your support will go towards new Foamy stuffs! Enough from me, I gots cartoons to animate!

  June 9th 2014  
The new Foamy DVD is in your hands!
  June 6th 2014  
  Classic Foamy Pushed Back, Kickstarter Pending!!
I decided to push back the classic Foamy Friday episode one week in order to work on the new Kickstarter, which is "pending". There will be a new video for that as well for folks to watch. More news as it happens. Just waitin' on Kickstarter.
  May 1st 2014  
New Foamy & Pilz-E Shirts have been added to the .:: SHOP ::
  April 23rd 2014  
  Neurotically Yours Season 3 DVD NEWS!!!
Been getting the final episodes together for the Neurotically Yours Season 3 DVD. It should be ready for Kickstarter in mid-to-late May with a possible release in late June or early July. Kinda depends on how Kickstarter goes. More new soon!
  April 7th 2014  
  "Everybody Sucks T Back In Stock!!!!
Yep! There ya go! .:: SHOP ::
  April 4th 2014  
Since I always forget to tell the Foamy community when something new comes out, there's NEW PILZ-E swag in the .:: ZAZZLE SHOP ::
  April 1st 2014  
Zazzle has a special sale going on until Thursday! Use code "SURPRISEDEAL" (no quotes) to get 15 percent off! Customize all your squirrelly goodness!.:: ZAZZLE ::
  March 25th 2014  
Every wonder what it would be like if Foamy had his own Twitch channel, wonder no more! : YOUTUBE ::  
  March 7th 2014  
  Contemplating Reiko Still Exists!!!
For old-school Foamy fans who remember the way-back days, remember "Contemplating Reiko"? I did a few cartoons for the series a while ago. Well, the creator of the series is still making some quality comic strips, and for those who never hear of it, you should check it out. It's one of those dark quirky things I like. (Yes, it's a slow news day!). .:: CONTEMPLATING REIKO WEBSITE ::
  March 1st 2014  
  New Shirts & Other Things In Zazzle Shop!!!
Added some new shirts and mugs to the :: ZAZZLE SHOP ::
  November 1st 2013  
  Pizza Dude Returns! AND a NEW Foamy Shirt!!!
For those who were waiting... the Pizza Dude returns! Yeah, he's gonna cause a mess. Anyway, new shirt is in the :: SHOP ::

  October 27th 2013  
  Marcia Wallace (Voice of The Simpsons Mrs. Krabapple) Passed Away.
Marcia Wallace (Voice of The Simpsons Mrs. Krabappel) passed away. Sad day for cartoon watchers everywhere. It's weird. When you watch a cartoon, you don't really think about the people who voice them. They're just there. They don't seem to have age or a mortality to them. In our minds we tend to think of cartoons as immortal. You can drop an anvil on them and they just keep going. Unfortunately, those who give them life, through voice acting and animation, do not. Something to consider when watching any cartoon. Enjoy them, appreciate them. More importantly appreciate the talents behind them. They wont be around forever. (Myself included unfortunately) Stupid mortality.

  October 18th 2013  
  Pilz-E Side Effects Shirt Back In Stock !!!
For those who were waiting for it, the Pilz-E Side-Effects T is back in stock! .:: SHOP ::

  October 12th 2013  
A new Foamy collection has just been released via :: iTUNES :: & :: AMAZON :: It's the very first collection of rants, fan favs, & more from the reboot of Neurotically Yours! MORE FOAMY FOR ALL!