February 17th 2018  
  YouTube B.S. Again:
Seems YouTube just randomly demonetized the newest Foamy episode "Spoil Everything" for no reason. Generally I post content 2 weeks early to YouTube and leave it in an unlisted state so the bots can pick at it, giving me enough time to appeal any episode that may be flagged. This has worked most of the time, but not this week. Even though it was sitting in a monetized-ready state for 2 weeks, once it went live it was demonetized. So now, as of this posting, it's offline and will return once reviewed. YouTube has been an uphill struggle for the last 7 months, and even though some progress has been made, it's basically just the same stressful B.S. week-after week. Very Demotivating. Posts, Tweets, and so on, doesn't change a thing either. Unfortunately to YouTube, the size of my channel doesn't warrant immediate attention. They get to it when they get to it. Sorry, but it's just the way things are now. Believe me, I don't like working this hard just to have YT derail my content.
  February 2nd 2018  
  Flu Recovery :
For those not keeping up, I'm finally over some sort of flu thing. It derailed a week's worth of work, so I'll be in "hardcore work mode" for the next few weeks. So far it doesn't look like cartoons will be posted late or anything. Hopefully. Just an update, back to work!
  January 11th 2018  

Random News :
Classic Foamy Friday finally returns with "People Pissing Me Off!", I've been slowly working on comic strips for the Pum'Kin Guy series, more Foamy episodes, Refining the Twitch streams a bit. Also been dabbling in a visual novel program to get the hang of it. Hopefully I can get some sort test novel together and see how things work. There's a lot of ideas I can put together, but again, I'm only one guy, so who knows when or if that'll be a thing. Anyway, back to work!

  December 20th 2017  
2018 The Year of Pauline? :
For those who stop by the Twitch streams or watched the highlights... or watched the "A Little Halloween" special I did last year, you'll recognize Pauline. I've been trying to flesh the character out over the last week or so, which has been kind of difficult. Though I have "lore" in mind for her, she's fairly enigmatic... even to me at this point.

Usually when I create a character, I know where they're coming from. I don't have to "get to know them" because I "know" them... if that makes any sense. Aside from Pauline's gothic inclinations, I have no idea what she's thinking at any given point. So hopefully we'll all get to "know" her as things progress. If they do at all. (May not make any sense if your brain isn't wired like a creative dumbster fire), but I guess it's some insight as to what's going on in my head. (insert confused, derp emote here)
If you haven't been keeping up with
:: INSTAGRAM ::, :: FACEBOOK :: OR :: TWITTER ::, I've been posting random Pauline Comic Strips. Like everything else I work on, it's random when they're posted.

  December 3rd 2017  
  Back To Work :
Returning from a short lived break. (I was actually working the whole time) but I generally took a step back from social media stuff which is kind of a time sink creatively. Still trying to find a good balance between the two. Regardless, the first episode of 2018 has been finished, so new content is still coming :)
  November 24th 2017  
  Random Updates :
YOUTUBE hasn't fixed anything that I've seen. No confirmed reviews, blah, blah, blah. So basically it's a forced pay-cut from YouTube and they don't give a crap. In other news, I've developed some minor medical issues that need to be addressed. Nothing serious, but it MAY affect some episode postings down the line. Not sure yet, and I'll keep you posted when I get more info. Getting back to work is top priority for me, but I will need to rest.
  November 16th 2017  
  Takin' a Break:
Yep, YOUTUBE got me so stresed out the last 4 months that it's actually been affecting my health. So I'm taking some time off. It shouldn't affect the creation of new content, because I actually LIKE doing that, but I may pull back on some other work related stuff like merch making and stuff like that. 2017 has been one of the most stressful years, between the oversaturation of everything, getting lost in the crowd that is the internet and YouTube messing around with ad revenue, it's gotten to the point where I would RATHER work bagging groceries than die of stress. Any complaints can be directed
:: @YOUTUBE :: (They've wasted 320 hours of actual work time, and have stressed me to the point of sickness in over the course of the last 4 months.) And yes, I have kept track of the time. :( I'll keep ya posted. I'm sure most of you understand, after 16 years, I need some kind of break.
  November 6th 2017  
  Nevermind... YouTube is broken:
For those out of the loop on the monetization issues on YouTube, basically the image below is one of many (over 100) instances of YouTube limiting, then reviewing, remonetizing ad revenue, then for some reason, limiting it again. So yeah, this has been a real pain to deal with and a constant distraction for me creatively. (Still working, but YouTube is eating up A LOT of time)
If you want to help, Tweet them :: @YOUTUBE :: with the image below, letting them know this is just one of many vods on my channel that NEED to be fixed (I have gotten only pasted responses to ALL my support tickets) :(.

  November 4th 2017  
  YouTube News (Minor Update) :
YouTube SEEMS to be going through all the VODs that were put in a limited state of earnings and are slowly fixing what's wrong. Hopefully this will stick permenantly... but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  November 2nd 2017  
  YouTube News (Not Good) :
Apparently the day before Halloween, an addition 100 or so episodes on YouTube were put in a limited state of ad revenue, meaning they earn crap. A LOT of Pum'Kin Guy (the day before Halloween, thanks YT. The one time a year folks would go back and re-watch the stuff) A handful of Foamy episodes and a lot of Neurotically Yours Music tracks. So now, those VODs are unlisted until YouTube reviews appeals. Seriously, it's up to you folks now. Tweet them at
:: @YOUTUBE :: and let them know they're hurting the creative community. My channel is slowly getting wrecked by the randomness of their demonetizing bots. The future is fairly grim for me on YouTube, so start following on :: TWITCH :: New episodes will be posted there as well soon, and I'd rather make a few pennies there than nothing on YouTube. The unlisted episodes will slowly come back assuming they are reviewed. Sorry, but there's no other way. Everyone seems to be too distracted to focus on the issue so it just keeps happening. YouTube does not notice me, and if they did, they don't care... or I just don't generate enough income for them. So I'm not worth the trouble. Sad. Channels like mine REALLY need that income. Chipping away at it by randomly demonetizing episodes hurts me more than it would a larger channel. I'm ONE guy who does all this. I'm not a company. I'm just one person and can only do so much. Also, :: PATREON ::
  October 20th 2017  
  Possible Halloween Twitch Marathon! :
This year I put together 2 Pum'Kin Guy movies (Similar to last years' Plan 9 From Outer Space) for a
:: TWITCH :: Halloween Spooky Marathon. There will be 3 movies with Pum'Kin Guy inserted into various scenes, AND, ALL the Foamy Halloween Specials. Hopefully this will all come together for around 10 PM EDT Halloween night. Keep up with Twitter & Facebook for info or follow on :: TWITCH :: to be notified when it goes live. (Make sure notifications are "on".)
  October 17th 2017  
  YouTube Update:
YT is still messing with monetization of many videos so highlights from
:: TWITCH :: will be unlisted for awhile, but will be available on :: TWITCH :: in the videos section under "Uploads". Same might happen with Foamy episodes. Not much I can do about it, but if YOU want to, Tweet them about the issue. A bunch of content creators have, but if you're not pulling in millions of hits, they seem to ignore ya. (That would be me... ignored)
  October 2nd 2017  

Progress Lost.... YouTube Update:
Well, it appeared we were making progress on that "Demonetized" playlist. it was at 100 episodes, then, went down to 54... now it's at 100 again. So 46 videos were supposedly reviewed and were monetized... NOW, they are not. I don't even know if they were ACTUALLY monetized during the time they appeared to be. 
I have spent MONTHS trying to get this fixed and nothing has been done. All I get are rehearsed responses from support or cut-n-paste emails. For the 3 episodes that stayed monetized, others were just put in their place. 2 months, zero progress.

There is NO reason ANY company should be run this way. Letting lose a system, which doesn't understand the nuance of human language on a platform that deals with all sorts of linguistic variables is just careless. And from what I've heard, every appeal is a "learning process" for the bots. So we all just lose money, have our work devalued, get ignored, and suffer because an unfinished system is rolled out without any knowledge or perspective on sarcasm, humor or context. And I've said this before, I've been on YT for almost 9 years... and it doesn't mean a thing to them. I get no special treatment, my work isn't "reviewed quicker", I'm just a name on a long list of others who are being ignored. And for a platform such as YouTube, that became what it is BECAUSE of it's content creators, to have them treated like this is just sad, insulting, demoralizing, and inhuman. Much like their system, that needs to be fixed... or people WILL go elsewhere.. 

  September 27th 2017  
  YouTube Update:
The "Not Monetized" playlist has gone down from 100 videos to 54 as of this posting. So we've made progress.... however, when I sort vods by "Limited to No Ad revenue" A lot of those episodes that are "in the green/monetized" are still in the "Limited" search filter. Might just be lag, but I'll have to keep checking up on VODs every day to see how things are going. Cautiously optimistic.... we'll see.? Thanks for hangin' in there!
  September 22nd 2017  
Yep, It's in the
SHOP Thanks to all who supported this project on Kickstarter, and for everyone else who couldn't, and still can't for whatver reason... THANK YOU! 'Cause I know there's a ton of people who can't help, but still watch the cartoons, and that DOES help... at least when they're monetized. Lulz. NOW BACK TO WORK!!!!!

  September 19th 2017  
  YouTube Update:
YT update... there's still 80 episodes on the "Limited to No Ad Rev" playlist. Seems we take one off, another gets put on. (Mostly Pum'Kin Guy stuff, 'cause generally our discussions on
:: TWITCH :: go ALL over the place, and I'm sure SOME topics, even though the language is "PG-13" at worst, is still "offensive" to someone.) Sad that anyone, content creator or not, has to even THINK about what is "acceptable" to talk about. And believe me, My Twitch channel is a No Politics/No Religion/No Drama kinda zone. So touching on random social issues should NOT be an issue. That last highlights posted had to do with various things like Grant Hart, from the band Husker Du, passing away due to cancer, my issues with the randomness of the ad revenue on YouTube and stuff like that. So if one is automatically limited in their ad revenue because they mention "cancer" or "YouTube"... as well as various social issues such as anxiety, depression, women's issues, abuse and so on... then, what the hell can one talk about. Assuming the term "cancer" is flagged for whatever reason... say you're a gamer and you're playing a game SO bad, you HAVE to refer to it as a "cancer on the gaming landscape".... that one sarcastic phrase could have hours of work be placed in a limited state of ad revenue. At least until it's reviewed. Again, the review process is slow and that time waiting is just lost revenue. That lost revenue, for A LOT of smaller channels on YT is the difference between being able to pay bills, or apply for welfare. It's the reality of life for thousands of YouTubers. :( Sorry to keep posting YT updates that are kind of a downer, but some people don't actually read comments. So in the off chance they read stuff here, it's good to keep people informed. I figure discussing it in Pum'Kin Guy episodes would help, but PG isn't nearly as popular as Foamy... so I'll have to make a Foamy episode I guess to get the word out. Anyway. Enough of that! Thanks for supportin'!!!

2 more Foamy episodes have been RE-MONETIZED! SO we're down to 80 on the playlist, though we appealed 2, the last Pum'Kin Guy episode mentioned above was put in a "Limited to No Ad Revenue" state. The war goes on! Again, these episodes would not have been remonetized if it wasn't for everyone raiding the vod and getting that 1k views in a 7 day period criteria met, in order for the appeal to be reviewed. THANK YOU!!!
  September 17th 2017  
  YouTube Update:
The THIRD edit of "3AM BAGEL" was put in "Limited to No Ad Revenue" status, while the uncut version is currently monetized. SOME episodes, 3 of them, are back to being monetized, yet 2 others have been put into the limited status. So it's just a massive process to get these episodes to 1k views in a 7 day period before they review it, and that process takes 2-4 days. ALL of which is lost potential ad revenue. It really screws me when it's a NEW episode. With this in mind I will be posting episodes to both
:: TWITCH CHANNEL :: & NEWGROUNDS. (:: TWITCH :: generally runs an ad every so often, but Newgrounds does not)
  September 14th 2017  

Kickstarter & YouTube Update:
The new Foamy DVD IS HERE! Dawn & I will be working on signing, packing and shipping everyone's Kickstarter rewards ASAP. DVD will be available in the shop in about a week or so. Want to make sure backers get their goods first. TY for supporting this project.

Now... on to the idiocy that's been happening on YouTube. The latest episode "3AM Bagel" both the original version and edit were both reviewed and put in "Limited to no Ad Revenue" status. So I figured, what the hell, let me repost this. I reposted a revised edit and THE SAME version of the uncut episode. The uncut episode WAS REVIEWED, and is now monetized. The EDIT, WAS monetized, and is NOW, not monetized. So, there is NO consistency to their review system. Apparently I was lucky enough to get a reviewer who "got it" I guess. (TY Reviewer for having a sense of humor) As it stands now, if THE SAME episode can be considered "unacceptable" AND "acceptable" by HUMAN reviewers... then we are back to where we started. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE ANYOMORE ON YOUTUBE..... so again, ad rev is hit or miss. So if ya can.:: PATREON ::

  September 8th 2017  
  Ad Revenue Update! (Not Good) & Kickstarter (Good)
There are now a massive 97 Foamy episodes that are in "Limited to No Ad Revenue" Status on YouTube. What does that mean? "Limited" basically is the difference between making $30 or $3 on a Foamy episode. The sucky thing is, YouTube WILL NOT review episodes in this state unless it gets 1,000 views in a 7 day period. So in theory, older content may NEVER BE MONETIZED AGAIN. (Even though it has been for 8 years) Totally fair, right? Regardless, I'm still making episodes, Everyone has been super suportive on
:: PATREON :: So hopefully we'll weather this adpocalypse. Oddly enough, the new episode "3AM Bagel" was Ironically Edited in accordance with YouTubes Guidelines... and it was still "limited" in ad revenue. I will not be generating income from that episode. Edited or not. As for future episodes, I have NO IDEA what will be monetized, or what will be "limited". So every episode is a "Let's see if I get paid" situation. YouTube does not care that I've been contributing to their site for almost 9 years, and they basically told me to "wait it out". The Foamy DVD will be funded on Kickstarter, so that's cool. For those who CAN help out, please do. I'd rather take YouTube's money than ask people for it, but with times like these....:: PATREON ::
  August 29th 2017  
  Ad Revenue Update! (Not Good)
Seems the 50+ Foamy & Pum'Kin Guy Episodes are still in monetary limbo, with limited or no ad rev. I've called google, tweeted, facebook etc. and generally get a form letter in response. After explaining to someone at Google how certain vods, including instrumental music, went from monetized, to demonetized and back again, the response I got was "well, that shouldn't happen".... soooo.... that's kinda scary. I was basically told to go to a "help" page and fill out a form, which was already done prior to the phone call, and was told to "keep your fingers crossed" in hopes something will get fixed. Not even joking about this. Basically I was told "you just have to wait it out". Some YouTube creators can't do that -_- So as it stands now, as income goes, ad rev has dropped over $200 this month. May not seem like big deal, but when you put into perspective, a NEW Foamy episode basically generates $100 on a good 2 week cycle... yeah. Not cool. I went from working for peanuts to just getting the shell. Thank the deity of your choice for

  August 24th 2017  
It only took a few hours before the Foamy DVD
:: KICKSTARTER :: WAS FUNDED!!! Thank You everyone for supporting. I seriously mean it. I never assume these projects, or anything I do is going to work, and I'm super humbled and appreciative when they do. Thank you for supporting, even if you're just retweeting the posts, everything helps. You folks are the reason I've been able to keep this going for so long and I'm eternally grateful. NOW BACK TO WORK!!!!!

  August 24th 2017  
What may be the LAST FOAMY DVD now has a

  August 17th 2017  
  Ad Revenue Issues! (AGAIN!!)
Seems the latest sweep of YouTube Sanitation Bots have decided to de-monetize or limit revenue for random Foamy & Pum'Kin Guy VODs. I get CERTAIN Foamy episodes, but Pum'Kin Guy literally has no swearing or anything in it. AT ALL! So once again, every time I create an episode, I never know if I'm going to generate income from it. 

Those who have been keeping their
:: PATREON :: going, THANK YOU!

This is going to be an ongoing thing for YouTube from what I've read. So the future of Foamy (at least on YouTube) is iffy. I've appealed each and every episode that has been demonetized, but who knows when they will be judged. By then, the views have come and gone and I literally make no money on these VODs. 
Oddly there doesn't seem to be any logic to the demonetization. Like, literally a standard definition episode of Foamy from the classic series has ads active, yet the HD version doesn't? It's the same thing! So frustrating...

  August 8th 2017  

DVD News!!! :
The DVD is ALMOST ready for pressing. I had to re-encode it a few times because I wasn't happy with the quality of the disc (New Software, New settings to mess with.) I'll probably try to do a Kickstarter in a few weeks. Since this will probably be the last DVD I make, I'm going to keep it simple. So rewards will probably be signed copies of DVDs by Dawn B. & I and maybe some sketches. We'll see. More news soon!

  July 19th 2017  
  Ringtones, Pauline Shirts & Wallpapers & DVD NEWS!
Recorded some vocals today for future episodes of Foamy, and for some reason created some ringtones for folks on
:: PATREON :: Made some Pauline shirts for the :: DESIGN BY HUMANS :: shop (Which should be live now, if not, give it a day or so) and there are 2 new Pauline wallpapers available too. Also the DVD is FINALLY, almost, done. Recorded the last part needed, the menu vocals!! More news soon!

  July 5th 2017  
  Vocal Update & Classic Ringtone !!!
Quick update on the vocals. Went to doctor, he scoped my throat and there's nothing visable causing problems, so it is just a vocal chord strain type thing. So basically I just have to take it easy with vocal stuff. CLASSIC RINGTONE!!! During the marathon I was reminded of the "Hey, Follow the sound of my voice and kill whoever is holding the phone" ringtone from the classic series... so it's now on :: PATREON :: (FREE FOR ALL, you don't have to be supporting there)
  June 29th 2017  
  Foamy & Pum'Kin Guy MARATHON!!! :
July 4th on :: TWITCH :: , i'll be running a 24 hour stream of early Foamy & Pum'Kin Guy episodes for all! What's the big deal? YOU can actually hang out and talk with fellow Foamy Friends or Pum'Kin People. I'll be doing a special intro and then starting up the goodness for all! (So at least if you're being dragged off somewhere on the 4th of July, you have some back-up entertainment. If you don't have the Twitch mobile app, get it.)
  June 22nd 2017  
  Vocal Update 2:
Due to a bunch of medical insurance run-around, I wont be able to see a throat specialist until NEXT week. So yeah, it's still up in the air. I've been doing some light vocal exercises to loosen and strengthen my vocal chords and it seems to be helping a lot. Hopefully it's a step in the right direction.
  June 15th 2017  
  Vocal Update:
My voice is still not where I need it to be so I'm looking into a throat specialist to figure out what the issue is. Again, this wont impact the cartoons for awhile as I usually have a multitude of episodes pre-recorded in case of weird crap like this. Send out those positive healing vibes. I can use 'em!
  June 1st 2017  
  Vocal Issues:
Seems doing Pum'Kin Guy's voice during live streams for 2-3 hours straight is fairly detrimental to my vocal chords. So with that in mind, Pum'Kin Guy will have to have limited appearances for quite some time. So :: TWITCH :: streams will probably be strictly art with some J.O.S.I. tossed in, if possible. Who knows. 
How does this effect Foamy? It doesn't, yet. Usually I tend to record a dozen episodes or so at once so I have things to work on. So things will continue as planned. Hopefully by then my voice should be back to where it needs to be.
I'll keep everyone posted. :(
  May 31st 2017  
  Patreon Thing!!!
For those helping out on :: PATREON :: I posted the first JiM Sketchbook collection. It's an odd little book of scribbles, doodles and ideas. (Check PATRON ONLY links) . For those who aren't on :: PATREON ::, Check out :: GUMROAD :: , it's available there as well if you're interested.

  May 24th 2017  
  Twitch Stream Updates
On the second week of double Twitch streams of Pum'Kin Guy on :: TWITCH CHANNEL :: So far things are going ok, but I do have to watch the voice. Pum'Kin Guy's voice is a bit grating on my throat after 2 hours, and a day break after is fairly essential. So chances are Sunday's morning stream will stay the same, and needing 24 hours for vocal resting, the additional stream will be on a day Tues-Friday. Assuming my voice holds up, things should go smoothly. Foamy episodes are being made as usual, so it wont mess up that posting cycle.
For those who want to be notified of Live streams go to
  May 15th 2017  
I've been discussing with folks on Sunday, the possibility of adding another stream during the week. 
Since I've been getting a lot of folks saying they can't make it Sundays, what I was thinking of doing is shortening Sunday's stream to about 2 hours of Pum'Kin Guy (or hour and a half with a little bit of doodling) and adding an additional 2 hour stream during the week.
Basically I would keep Sunday mornings, then alternate days throughout the week. So it would be Sunday/Monday one week, Sunday/Tuesday, Sunday/Wed. and so on. I would try to do both early and later streams on the alternate days so everyone has an opportunity to hang out, ask questions and all that fun stuff.
All this kind of depends on how my voice holds up and time. (Voice doing ok so far)
For those who don't know, every hour of Pum'Kin Guy is about an hour of editing afterwards, encoding, uploading, and all sorts of busy work. So it'll be a little tricky balancing out working on Foamy episodes and freeing up time for more streams.
For those who want to be notified of Live streams go to
Hit the follow button and make sure notifications are on.
Also kinda wanted to work on another series I rediscovered while going through my sketchbooks. Probably a comic book. I would need a studio to animate it properly.
  May 6th 2017  
  Patreon Thing!!!
Posted a thing for Patrons on :: PATREON :: (Check PATRON ONLY links) . I'll try to get some more goodies to those supportin' there when I can. Still been getting a bit swamped with work and other assorted real world B.S. NEW Foamy was posted yesterday!
  April 29th 2017  
  SHOP FIXED!!!! :
The shop is up and running! (With no real reason or notice, Paypal's code just stopped working... except on iPhone. So I have no real answer as to what happened. So rather than wait, I re-encoded the entire shop from scratch with new Paypal button codes that work.... er, hopefully. Thanks for being patient and supportin'! Back to work!
  April 29th 2017  
The illwillpress shop has been down for who knows how long, and paypal checkout is looking into it. (It works on mobile though) So who knows what's going on. I'll keep everyone posted.
  April 14th 2017  
  Random Updates:
Been super busy on all things Foamy, trying to put together a fluid collection of drawings for the Comic Style cartoons I've been working on. It's fun but tedious, and the more elements I create the easier it will be to make cartoons. (For example, a typical rant can take about 4 to 5 hours to create rather than 5 days.) So that's a good start. Meanwhile, the "Free Time" I've been given with the new approach has just gone to working on Pum'Kin Guy stuff for my
:: TWITCH CHANNEL :: The weekly streams have been fun and challenging, since it's a combination of live comedy, chat interaction, puppetry and animation all working at the same time, it's been giving my brain some much needed stretching and a weekly rejuvenating break from all things Foamy. Added 2 new shirts to the :: DESIGN BY HUMANS ::
shop as well. For those who continue to support via :: PATREON :: THANK YOU!!! Yeah, I'm not the best at replying to posts and things, but I do read them, and obviously I'm constantly workin'. You're not paying me to sit around and check my phone! lulz. BACK TO WORK!!!!!
  March 23rd 2017  
  Comic Style Season One Begins & DVD Update!
After kicking around the idea for awhile, I decided to make a full season of the "Comic Style" Neurotically Yours episodes. It'll be a "back to basics" type thing, so expect a lot of interaction between Foamy & Germaine and a bunch of rants. So where does that leave the "Reboot Series"? With the 5th season wrapped up I'm going to take a break from that style of animating for a little while. The 3 episodes completed for Season 6 will be added to season 5. Which brings me to the DVD. I'm workin' on it! With the 3 episodes added to the season I have to re-encode the entire video and disc. More news as it develops. Also, for those wondering, yes, the Comic Style series will be connected to the original series, and will eventually reach back to the comic book era of Neurotically Yours. So read up on your Foamy history!
  February 17th 2017  

Comic Style Cartoons & DVD Update!
A colorized version of "Triggers & Safe Spaces" has been posted both here and
:: ON YOUTUBE :: . I kinda felt the rant was a little too important to languish in the realm of black and white, and with the new animation approach it was relatively easy. Though I did have to re-do the entire cartoon from scratch, but I managed to keep it as close to the original as possible. Anyway, with that out of the way, I've been focusing on a lot more rants and I'm finishing up a Germaine episode in the same style. There's a few more "traditional" animated Foamy episodes to roll out, and I'll work on those as well. So it'll be a grab bag of different animations in the future.

Yes, there will be one more DVD release, maybe the last. With physical media kinda slowly lumbering into nothing, It's hard for indie people to manufacture, store, and ship stuff when everything ends up on YouTube anyway. For the next release I'm trying to pack as much as I can onto the disc, so they'll be a bit more of a delay than usual. If there is a physical release of anything in the future, I may opt for a few Blu-Ray collections of both the classic and current seasons. Though that is so far into the future, I may just opt for a digital collection on a custom Foamy USB drive. We'll see what happens when we get there. Back to work!

  February 3rd 2017  
  Comic Style Cartoons? Yep!
The "Triggers & Safe Spaces" episode kinda set the ball rollin' for "Comic Style" episodes. The initial work was grueling, (6, 14 hour days in a row) to scan, clean, and color over 300 drawings of both Germaine & Foamy. With this initial batch of images, I should be able to crank out cartoons fairly easy. Less time animating, more time focusing on content, promoting, and getting the next DVD finished. Episodes should be rolling out in about a week.

  January 11th 2017  
  Who is J.O.S.I. ? (Design By Humans Shop Updates Too)
Created by JiM while he had laryngitis, J.O.S.I. stands for “JiM's Optical Speaking Intelligence”. J.O.S.I. was used during live streams on
:: TWITCH :: in order for JiM to continue his weekly stream and still communicate with chat. Now that JiM is slowly getting better, J.O.S.I. will probably stand for “Justly Obliterate Senseless Imbeciles”. Seems more appropriate for a deceptively cute killing machine. ALSO! The :: DESIGN BY HUMANS :: shop has had some new merch added and the majority of the shirt designs ALSO have stickers available. Enjoy! :: DESIGN BY HUMANS ::

  December 31st 2016  
  2016 is Over!
2016 came and went, and I FINALLY got around to posting "The Point of it All" episodes which sheds some light on the series. Pum'Kin Guy has become a weekly constant on :: TWITCH :: (Even though it's more work than I thought it would be) and Foamy has been making his bi-weekly appearance as usual. Though financially, 2016 was kinda meh, folks supporting on :: PATREON :: have kept things going. So what's happening in 2017? I will have to do some actual self-promotion and advertising. In a world flooded with video, trying to reach anyone with my content has been extremely difficult. I'd also like to figure out a way to make cartoons quicker. FLASH has become kind of clunky for the speed at which I'd like to work, though the "Triggers & Safe Spaces" cartoon style was extremly efficient after the initial work was done. So that's an option. Other than that, things will continue to keep going as usual, (assuming I'm alive) So thank you to everyone and their continued support! It's super-appreciated!!!
  December 16th 2016  
  The Point of it All Collection Notes!
NOTES: With all 3 parts, and a secret 4th episode released, we're all caught up on the mad mind of Germaine. An introvert of a writer, penning her own story. The only lingering question is, which version of Germaine is the actual author of the story we've all been sitting through? The skinny waif of a girl riddled with anxieties or the unstable gothic bombshell who takes crap from no one? Any version of her could be the potential author of her story. Which one? Who knows... Her life is an open book, and we're all just reading along. Enjoy the ride.
What Does This All Mean For The Series?
Creatively, this finally lets me bounce around between character designs, instances, and bizarre scenarios without having people scratching their heads wondering what the hell I'm doing. So the series is not bound anymore by a linear story. Blue-haired Germaine could pop up at any point, the old style cartoons (first series) may re-appear, and so on. I wanted to get this done for the longest time, but hey, I'm just one guy. So I can only get so much done.
(Need more info? Read Notes Below!!!)

  December 7th 2016  
  The Point of it All Notes!
Notes on “The Point of it All” and where the series goes from here.
With all 3 parts of “The Point of it All” posted, I can actually give some notes on the series without spoiling anything for anyone. (If you haven't seen the episodes, stop now!) For years (15 of 'em) I put together an odd trip through Germaine's mind, starting with the very first episode showing Germaine vigorously typing on her computer, constantly getting distracted by her pet squirrel. Though my skills have improved (a little) the seeds were planted way back then. As the series continued there were some odd instances that left people scratching their heads, wondering, “What the hell is this guy doing to the series?” Various hair style changes, bizarre situations that just didn't seem to quite fit with what was going on, but, there was and is, a reason. The thing most people overlooked was Germaine has always been a writer at heart. A poet, a creative mind. An artist of sorts that lives in her own head. She twists reality in her mind in order to cope with it's soul-crushing boredom. A guy delivering a pizza, could be a potential stalker. A neighbor and his dog could be searching for the secret of a mythical squirrel that just so happens to be her pet. A boring job as a coffee-house clerk could be so much more fun with magically enhanced boobs. The list goes on. Essentially, we've all been living in her head for the last 15 years.

So now what? With all this info out now, I can freely jump back and forth, in and out of her mind. So if there's an episode where she has blue hair or odd body proportions, chances are, we're seeing things from her perspective.

For me, I always thought all this was obvious, but the more comments I read, the more I realized I was never quite clear about it. So instead of correcting people, I kept it a secret, never mentioned it, never revealed it to anyone, (Not even Dawn B.) and let things settle for over a decade. For some the whole concept of “seeing life from an artists eyes” may seem underwhelming or a bit “meh”, but if anything, keeping it a secret for 15 years has been quite the accomplishment. And for those wondering why the series is called “Neurotically Yours”, and not “Foamy The Squirrel”. It's goes back to writing. It's meant as closing to a the story of Germaine's life. A story by a quirky, awkward girl who has written and lived her own life in her head, eventually signing off... “Neurotically Yours...”

So with that out of the way, I'm gearing up to put the “Neurotic” back in Neurotically Yours. So, back to work!

  November 4th 2016  
  The Point of it All Starts Now!
The 3 part "The Point of it All" episode starts today! Part 2 will be posted in around 2 weeks, and part 3 in 4, with a complete episode being posted as well a week after that. It's going to be 3 episodes of ups and downs, will clear up just what the hell "The Point of it All" actually was, and finally allow me to move forward on the series in any and every direction I want.
  October 9th 2016  
  Halloween Special Released!
"A Little Halloween", the Pum'Kin Guy Halloween episode, is now :: ON YOUTUBE ::, Digital book is available on :: GUMROAD :: , physical and Digital copy on :: AMAZON :: Patrons on :: PATREON :: will get the digital book free! (CHECK THE PATRON ONLY POSTS!)

  September 20th 2016  
  Halloween Special Release Date!
"A Little Halloween", the Pum'Kin Guy Halloween episode, will be released October 10th :: ON YOUTUBE ::, and will run until November 1st. There will be a digital book available on :: GUMROAD :: and a physical copy on AMAZON. (Hopefully the physical version will be ready by the 10th) Patrons on :: PATREON :: will get the digital book free! So that's the plan!
  September 10th 2016  
  15 YEARS OF FOAMY!!!!!!
Yep, today marks 15 years of Foamy. Not sure what else to say but, thanks for the support. Since the series kinda was "born under a bad sign" I usually don't dwell on it much since it's also the eve of 9-11. So with that being said, again, Thank You, and there's more Foamy that needs to be worked on!
  September 6th 2016  
  Rare Shirt Graphics on Design By Humans!!!
In honor of the 15th anniversary of Foamy the Squirrel I unearthed a bunch of classic artwork from the comic book series and have released them on shirts! ENJOY!, :: DESIGN BY HUMANS ::
Support Foamy
  September 1st 2016  
  Bad YouTube News!!!
YouTube has started to implement an "Advertiser Friendly" approach to content. Meaning if ones content is too risky (i.e. swearing, vulgarity, violence, sexuality, and so on) it will be flagged "Not advertiser friendly" and thus can not be monetized by the creator. This has already effected a number of my videos and will probably effect a lot more. So a large portion of an income I relied on will quickly be dwindling. Sad to say, but after 15 years of posting content to the internet, this is one of the worst things I've seen happen to a large creative community. The effects will be far reaching and I fear a number of people will skew their content merely so they can monetize their work. With that being said SUPPORT YOUR FAVORITE CONTENT CREATORS. (Even if it's not me) Seriously. There will be so many people financially hurt by this move. Creators have made YouTube a place worth going to and denying them compensating outlets in order to make a living is a rather cruel show of appreciation. WIth that being said, :: PATREON ::
  August 31st 2016  
  Cartoon News & New Etsy Stuff!
I finished up recording the vocals for the 3 part "The Point of it All" episodes and I'm starting work on it this week. Also prepping the Pum'Kin Guy Halloween Episode & Book, which will hopefully be available for everyone around the 10th of October. (Digital Book will be free for Patreon Peeps) Also finally got around to putting up new artwork on the :: iLL WiLL PrEss ETSY SHOP :: and there's been a bunch of Pum'Kin Guy highlights from the Twitch streams posted on :: ON YOUTUBE :: So, as usual I've been super-busy while also trying to figure out some ways to promote the series some more. The sad fact of it all is that the internet is saturated with cartoons & content and regardless of the almost 15 years doing this, even my work gets lost in the shuffle. So I'm working on getting the content to more people without having to break my dwindling bank account paying for advertising. Sharing helps, Tweets and likes all help, so if you can, continue to do that. (I know a lot of you have and I'm super-appreciative of it all) BACK TO WORK!!!!
  August 24th 2016  
  Germaine Stuff & Foamy News!
I've finally finished a 3 part script that wraps up the whole Germaine thing. So those who have been waiting years, (literally) for the "point" of it all will actually have some sort of closure or reveal... or whatever you want to call it. Vocals still need to be recorded, and the 3 episodes, which will collectively clock in at around 12-15 minutes, will take awhile to work on. (It takes me a year to animate around 90 minutes of material) They will be released one at a time, 1 per week and then probably a compilation of the episode highlighting certain points. What will happen to the series afterwards? It'll keep going. So don't worry about things "ending." Just a heads up that things will progress and I appreciate everyone hangin' in there. :P
  August 3rd 2016  
  Pum'Kins & Patreon!
Will be posting a new Pum'Kin Guy episode from wed August 3rd to Saturday the 6th with a NEW Foamy on Sunday. And because the numbers kinda fell off a bit... and life still happens, if ya can, help out on :: PATREON ::
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  July 24th 2016  
  New Episode & Pum'Kin Stuff Stuff.
Posted the NEW Foamy episode "IMMIGRATION", the HD version of the classic Foamy episode "FRIENDLY MESSAGES 2" and the SATURDAY MORNING STREAM - PUM'KIN GUY SEGMENT! (2 parts. Pum'Kin Guy On ) :: YOUTUBE ::
  July 15th 2016  
  New Episode, Classic Foamy & Pum'Kin Stuff Stuff.
Posted the NEW Foamy episode "ORGAN-ICKS" and the HD version of the classic Foamy episode "SMOKIN' SMOKERS" both here and on :: YOUTUBE :: Also over the next few days I'll be posting 4 Pum'Kin Guy Episodes! It's kind of a Mystery Science Theater meets Dead By Daylight thing. Weird & quirkly, and all on :: YOUTUBE ::. Other than that, been super busy as usual and somewhat slacking off with social media posts. New comic strips were posted, video editing, script writing, and a lot of behind the scenes stuff that needs to get done for cartoons to be made.
  July 1st 2016  
  Classic Foamy Posted & Patreon Stuff.
Posted the HD version of the classic Foamy episode "TIPS" here and on :: YOUTUBE :: (Also a note of thanks to those keeping up with :: PATREON :: . I may say it alot, or not enough depending on how you look at it, but it's keeping the squirrelly wheels turning here and it's appreciated. THANK YOU!
  June 19th 2016  
  3D Stuff & Pum'Kin Guy Things!!!
Been super busy with the usual work, and posted some Pum'Kin Guy episodes on :: YOUTUBE :: Also been giving myself a crash-course in 3D character modeling. Nothing major, just testing the waters. The 3D Germaine below is really rough and it's something I may work on some more when I have the time...but frankly, it would be easier to make it in clay and scan it using a 3D scanner for me. Props to 3D artists. It's very time consuming.

  June 8th 2016  
  Blue Ink Comic Strip Collection Ver 1.4 Posted & Pum'Kin Stuff!!!
Added more comic strips to the collection for folks helpin' out on :: PATREON :: Enjoy!
Also, posted a new Pum'Kin Guy episode on
:: YOUTUBE :: Another will be posted tomorrow and NEW FOAMY on Friday... or Sunday. Not sure yet. Been having some carpal tunnel issues and recovering from bronchitis so I'm working a bit slower than usual. Still workin' though :P

  May 5th 2016  
  New Pum'Kin Guy Episodes Everywhere!!!
2 NEW Pum'Kin Guy Episodes were posted on :: YOUTUBE :: as well as a bunch of Pum'Kin Guy bits on :: INSTAGRAM :: (Kinda wish Foamy stuff was as easy as Pum'Kin Guy Stuff. Should really look into making a Foamy puppet)
  April 22nd 2016  
  Design By Humans Shop OPEN!
FINALLY got around to opening up the :: DESIGN BY HUMANS :: shop. So for everyone who wanted a Foamy shirt that wasn't black, there ya go. I'll try to add more, and already have some exclusives up there. The quality of the shirts is very good and they're a lot cheaper than most places, so it's kind of a win-win for everybody. I'll try to get some more designs up soon, but I'm only one guy, so there's a ton of other work I have to do as well. Oh yeah, the HD version of the classic Foamy episode "JUMP ROPE RECORD" was posted today on :: ON YOUTUBE ::

  April 10th 2016  
  HD FOAMY Season 3 Collection on YouTube!!!!
The third season of Neurotically Yours, which has been out of print on disc for awhile, is now in an HD collection for purchase on :: YOUTUBE :: (ALL the Foamy episodes on YouTube will remain viewable for free via the appropriate season playlist. So either way you choose to watch, it still helps me out... unless you're blockin' ads... then I'm totally screwed. Buy a shirt or something.) From here on in I will try to post the HD Collections on :: YOUTUBE :: once the season is complete. Currently working on Season 4. It'll take awhile, but I'm only one guy.

  March 23rd 2016  
  Blue Ink Comic Strip Collection Ver 1.2 Posted & Future NEWS!!!
Added more comic strips to the collection for folks helpin' out on :: PATREON :: Enjoy!
Also, I've been plotting the future of Foamy! Since I think I've ran the gamut on Germaine's character development over the years, I think it's about time we all got back to the "normal" Foamy we all enjoyed in prior years. What does that mean? Well, rather than continue to dwell on Germaine's psychotic breakdowns over society and it's treatment of her, distorted self-image and so on, we can all move forward with cartoons about racist meatloaf and air-purifiers that melt your face. I think over the years, Germaine has become this constant source of "darkness" for the series, and as much as I've enjoyed trying to develop the character and give her some sort of social relevance, in the end, she's just become the subject of a tug-of-war between the concept of deprave sexual objectification, and feminist respect. Kinda tired of fighting over it in a battleground (the internet) that will inevitably see and do what they want with the character regardless of of my input. So over the next few months I'm going to evolve the character from the current tormented soul / victim, to a more stable individual with a “shrug it off” attitude in regards to the misogynist society she feels she lives in. There will continue to be social commentary about the subject but I don't think it needs to be done in such a lamenting sort of way that it cripples the character or dampens the viewers enjoyment of the series. All this will start with the episode “Lady Bugged” in about 2 months. Foamy rants and stuff of that nature will continue as usual, but I don't think Foamy & Germaine need to be battling each other every week when society in general is a more suitable subject for them to both concentrate their rage. So there ya go! Fingers crossed I don't mess it up!

  March 11th 2016  
  Pum'Kin Guy EP on BANDCAMP or FREE for PATRONS!!!!
I posted up a short 6 song EP of creepy tunes more fit for Pum'Kin Guy than Foamy, it's up on :: BANDCAMP :: However, if you've been supporting via :: PATREON :: IT'S FREE! (Check "Patron Only Posts!")

  February 23rd 2016  
  New Foamy & FAN FUNDING on YouTube!!!
Posted the NEW Foamy episode "FUN THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR MOUTH", and... finally, after some prodding, I set up Fan Funding :: ON YOUTUBE :: for those who want to help out, but don't want to use :: PATREON ::

  February 14th 2016  
  Blue Ink Comic Strip Collection Ver 1.1 Posted!!!
Added more comic strips to the collection for folks helpin' out on :: PATREON :: Enjoy!